Change will happen, so make it happen to your benefitCogs

While most would agree that “change purely for the sake of change” is to be avoided, there is a rejuvenating effect from positive, carefully instigated and thoughtfully implemented change, not to mention improvements in efficiency, cost savings, productivity and profitability.

The first three of the activities below provide the foundation for Effective Change Management. Please Contact Us to arrange an initial discussion about how we would help you carry out these key precursors to effective change.

The fourth activity, Implementation, can only be discussed in depth after the foundation for change has been prepared.

  • Issues Clarification – there will likely be some existing indications that change is needed. Further examination of these indications will usually reveal “deeper truths”, which will guide an investigation into which changes should be beneficial.
  • Aims – Goals – Objectives – having gained a more informed view of the apparent changes needed, though this view could evolve over time, it is critical to clearly set out the Aims, Goals and specific “SMART” Objectives of the changes within the Change Programme, and of the organisation. These should also be reviewed during the next stage.
  • Change Programme Planning – a Change Programme requires an integrated, interactive approach to understanding how organisations – small or large – operate and thrive. The Programme Plan therefore must be able to evolve and adapt to the new discoveries that will inevitably occur during Implementation.
  • Change Implementation – while smaller change programmes often cover a minimum period of 3 months, more complex, phased programmes can last up to a year, both utilising an appropriate combination of Facilitation, Training, Mentoring, Coaching, Exploration and Status Audits. The staff-management-directors involved are progressed and “evolved” to be ready to work in the changed environment, gaining ownership along the way.


Please Contact Us to talk through any change scenarios that you see ahead. Our aim is to help you to maximise the benefits from necessary change.

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