Information for Successful Decision Making

Can you say that you are truly aware of the current and future needs and preferences of your customers and important prospects?

If So, then you probably have already been carrying out a suitable, integrated research programme. Please allow us to quote for any of your projects or on-going research programmes, whether:

  • Qualitative Research - Exploratory Research, Depth Interviews, Focus Groups, Facilitated Sessions, New Product Development, or
  • Quantitative Research (Market Share, Customer Satisfaction Tracking, Industry Trends, Competitor Tracking, Internet-Accessed Research, etc)

If Not, then we should meet, in order to match up your decision making needs with the relevant, critical information that you require to sustain your business/organisation, profitably. Scan the following Benefits to see which are especially attractive.

Benefits of Market Research

  • To ensure customer satisfaction – and retention: if you don’t really know how satisfied they are – and it would be rather unsafe to rely purely on your assumptions! – then you won’t know what actions you might need to take, or how to modify or replace your products/services – until it is possibly too late.
  • To find out why sales/contracts/deals were lost: even if they said the reason was “price”, there could well be other important factors which affected their decision, like: technical expertise, track record, product/service range, lack of innovation, past unresolved conflicts, personal issues, etc. It can be very illuminating to find out all the real reasons – and regain that customer.
  • To predict future needs and usage trends of customers and key prospects: to guide your product/services R&D, feed into production/resource planning and scheduling, and maintain, gain or regain competitive advantage.
  • To assess Market Share: allows re-distribution of marketing resources/budget, launch or culling of products/services, and re-focusing of sales staff efforts, and enhance competitor knowledge.
  • To test acceptance of new products/services, and to fine tune them, at development stages: so that you don’t waste time and money in inappropriate NPD directions.
  • To compare your company image and brand awareness to those of competitors: directs your corporate image development programme, and informs you of possible areas to improve upon versus your key competitors.
  • To investigate new or established markets, for hard-to-find information, confidentially; contact us to discuss any such needs that you may have.

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