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How important is your website to your business or organisation? Whatever it has been, it will be more important tomorrow, whether it is a “brochure” site, or a very interactive site, or an e-commerce site.

We take a straightforward approach to web design, seeking to optimise the balance between the often conflicting demands put on a website these days, ie, providing all the information that visitors will want, but via easily accessible methods, in a user-friendly fashion:

  • Graphics: pleasing and attractive, to suit those accessing your site
  • Functionality: how the web site works and presents information, to make it quick, smooth and easy for visitors, and encourage them to return
  • Level of Information: the right amount to attract visitors’ interest, answer their questions, but not overload them
  • Logical Arrangement of Information: to speed up the accessing of desired/helpful information, to make their time on your site a pleasant experience
  • Search Engine Optimisation: to help your site to be found by search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc, and displayed as high up on the page rankings as you want. We work with you and with specialist SEO suppliers, employing conventional optimisation techniques and paid search (ie, PPC – Pay Per Click)

Contact Us for an objective assessment of the objectives for your existing web site, its functionality and appearance – or to discuss the design of your first web site.

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