Making CRM Work Effectively

Many companies/organisations do not have previous experience of implementing a robust Customer Relationship Management system, though most have installed a "customer database", sometimes with prospects included.

An important point about CRM is that it involves much more than just the software – though good quality software, appropriate to your current and future needs, is of course essential.

Much preparation needs to be done before implementation begins; if you have not already read our web page on CRM Planning & Design, then we suggest that you have a look now.

When you are ready for CRM Implementation, we will take your relevant operational and ICT staff through the following stages, with management and director level involvement essential:

  • Decision on which business processes to include in the CRM System
  • ICT systems audit (readiness check on servers, PC/Client units and network)
  • Decision on CRM System preferences, and User Defined Fields (UDF’s) creation
  • Software installation and User configuration
  • User and ICT staff Training
  • CRM System fine-tuning; UDF amendments
  • CRM System sign-off
  • On-going CRM support contract

We have worked in CRM Planning, Design and Implementation since 1996, before the term CRM had come into mainstream business usage. Contact Us to begin a discussion about your CRM System needs; we can also help if your own CRM in-house implementation has encountered difficulties.

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