Improving Personal & Organisational Productivity

Customer Relationship Management - CRM – has become an essential tool / culture / system (it is all these things if done properly) for companies that want to maximise profitability, and improve their competitiveness.

CRM is also used by a wide range of public sector / government / non-profit organisations that need to maximise delivered services at optimal/minimal cost, and show accountability and transparency.

Above all, effective CRM systems are a set of personal and business productivity improvement tools.

We can assist you to plan and design an effective CRM system for your company or organisation by working with you to define and obtain the following required information:

  • A process map of the internal and external business / organisation processes that you want to be mirrored within the CRM system, including processes to become more automated
  • An understanding of the organisational culture/s and attitudes, in production/services delivery, sales, marketing, finance/accounts, and personnel
  • A clarification of communication flows, and the steps, mechanisms and controls in the various decision-making processes
  • Deciding on the right CRM system for your organisation; one that is suitably robust,  configurable to your current and future needs, and easy to learn and to use

Contact Us: we have planned and implemented a number of CRM installations, and know how to prepare your organisation to maximize benefits from an effective CRM system.

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