Keeping Profitability on Course

Question: Do you have an up-to-date process map showing how your business operates, including production, transport, shipping, financial transactions, materials/resource planning, sales, marketing, HR/personnel, IT/ICT, data security, and internal & external communications?

Most organisations would, in all honesty, answer No to having all of the above mapped out, but would (hopefully) have process maps for some of the key functions. How about your organisation?

Benefits of Process Mapping include:

  • Productivity raised throughout the company by allowing directors/managers to make changes where mapping has more fully defined any process log-jams, weaknesses and communication breakdowns
  • Increased profitability from improved, smoother running operations
  • Improved staff effectiveness by highlighting training needs
  • Facilitated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system planning and implementation by providing optimised templates upon which company operations can be mirrored
  • Revealing structural changes to be made, and related resource re-allocations
  • Improved morale and lower staff turnover due to fewer operational problems and aggravation

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